Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

Importance of quality in the production process

BSL Casting has strived to offer the best quality parts since the foundation of our steel foundry with the commitment of our team from management to the individual floor employee.

Supplying quality parts means first to properly understand our customer’s needs and act pro-actively to meet or exceed them. This is one of the important reasons why we constantly improve the documentation of our processes (from the receipt of the order to shipment).

Another reason why we have started to get all members of our production team on board is to help us constantly work to strategically improve our processes taking customers’ and employees’ feedbacks into consideration so we can continue to supply quality products to our valued customers.

Upon request, we also can provide whatever reports are required, such as:

  • Chemical analysis report per heat;
  • Physical tests report per heat;
  • Heat treatment chart per lot;
  • Charpy V notch impact test per heat;
  • Magnetic particules inspection report;
  • Visual inspection report;
  • Ultrasonic inspection report;
  • Radiographic inspection report;
  • Dimensional inspection report;


Health & Safety at BSL Casting

In order to meet the best standards within the steel foundries industry necessarily means offering a safe environment to our workers, while constantly revising our safety procedures to regularly improve our performance. Though we are a small foundry, we do have an active safety committee in place. The main mandate of this one is to implement and maintain our health & safety program approved by our management team.



As for the environmental aspect of our production, BSL Casting has implemented equipment and inspection processes in order to meet our national and provincial standards. Even though it is quite a challenge for our foundry to limit and reduce our emissions, BSL Casting management has decided to commit ourselves to work in that direction by taking the following measurable actions :

-     Reclamation and disposal of our slag and air fines;

-     Sampling our gas emissions at our furnaces chimney;

-  Installation of captation wells all around our land.

Moreover, we plan to do a significant update on our air filtering equipment in our major plant enlargment forecast for 2017-2018.


BSL Casting previously registered ISO9001:2008 since 2010 is now ISO9001:2015 registered since Febuary 2019.


Attached is a pdf version of our ISO9001 :2015 certificate :