Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

BSL CASTING has been collaborating with us for a couple years and this relationship has been beneficial to us. Because of BSL CASTING professionalism they have helped us to offer our customers some qu...

- Purchaser of transportaion systems


Components - transportation sector

Transportation Material


We have gradually positioned our company for the supply of steel casting sub-components required for the assembly of off-road vehicules as well as railroad / metro cars.


We have notably helped one customer based in Quebec to convert all the machined and weldment parts of their frame and moving systems in steel casting parts. All this resulting in cost-reduction combined with new design of the parts suiting better their requirements, no weak zone related to welding spots and standardized mechanical properties.


In another reverse engineering project we have scanned weldment parts, have proceeded to the required FEA report and created final drawings meeting their specific standard so the parts perform well in their specific environment where they are used.


It is important to notify that BSL Casting was awarded in 2012 the contract to make 3 steel casting sub-components installed in the lower section of the Montreal subway cars AZUR supplied to the Montreal Transit commission by the Bombardier-Alstom consortium.


The parts for such applications are made from basic cheaper carbon steels (mild steels) to the low-alloy steels heat-treated to reach the right physical properties asked by our customers. In certain cases we even supply standard stainless steel (or duplex when necessary) materials when optimal corrosion resistance is mandatory.