BSL Casting

Unrivalled quality

Cast Steel Specialists

BSL Casting produces castings adhering to the highest industry standards. All our alloys follow ASTM standards to provide you with quality parts at competitive prices.

A foundry you can rely on

Founded in 2008, BSL Casting relies on an experienced team in the field of manufacturing steel parts. Having experienced significant growth since our beginnings, we have built a solid team able to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients and the most ambitious projects. We manufacture parts in steel and alloys (stainless steel, manganese, refractory, white chromium, white high-chromium iron and nickel cast), as well as prototyping parts, for regular orders or urgent requests. Working with us means making sure you get top quality parts and services, on time, at every stage of your projects.


Over the years, BSL Casting has contributed to the realization of numerous projects in various manufacturing sectors, all over North America.


Our foundry specializes in small and medium-sized castings, in the niche of small series and complex custom parts.