Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

BSL CASTING has helped us to reduce our sourcing cost for our casting components. The good quality-price ratio of their products combined to on-time deliveries have convinced us to choose BSL Casting ...

- Planification, production & sub-contracting


BSL CASTING has been a partner of this mining client for a many years. During that time, we have been satisfied about the quality of the chute liner parts they have supplied us with as well as with th...

- Mining client


The components making process progresses the same way the technologies do. BSL CASTING offered us the optimal material for our applications while doing any critical adjustments in their process before...

-Energy fabrication


Components - transportation sector

BSL CASTING has been collaborating with us for a couple years and this relationship has been beneficial to us. Because of BSL CASTING professionalism they have helped us to offer our customers some qu...

- Purchaser of transportaion systems


This pump manufacturer began working with BSL in 2012. Since that time they have used outstanding Customer Service and attention to quality product on time to grow into our largest Steel Sand Casting ...

― Purchasing supervisor, pump manufacturer


BSL CASTING has been partnering with us for more than 3 years in casting components for our cylinder systems. These parts are used in sensitive environments which require tight physical properties as ...

- Client Metallurgist


BSL CASTING offers good quality products and an excellent service.

- Purchasing department manufacturer of valves



The succes of a weldment conversion signed BSL Casting

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QUALITY : BSL CASTING produces parts upon the strict ASTM standards in the various alloys we cast at our foundry.

BSL Casting understands the importance to supply good quality parts to our customers. That is why we analyze every factor of the designed part that could impact the part qualitywise when preparing our quotes as well as after every quality report received from our clients.

We know that multiple factors in production do affect the quality of our casting parts, both from human and technological perspectives. That is why we constantly re-evaluate our processes in order to control as much as possible the parameters affecting the quality of our products.



The technical know-how of our sales & management team has contributed to support some of our customers to successfully convert machined and weldment parts to steel castings. This achievement resulted in a combination of cost-reduction and greater standardization of the physical properties.