BSL Casting produces parts for various subcontractors of power generation companies such as Hydro-Québec. We supply cast steel components required for hydroelectric dam operations as well as cast parts for power transmission lines.

It’s important to emphasize that these parts must meet the rigorous specifications of the end customer with regard to monitoring the quality of the parts. From the drawing table to the completely machined part, we ensure a scrupulous follow-up of the production chain in order to guarantee the highest level of quality. Our team has the necessary resources to follow up on this type of project and thus guarantee the quality of our parts. These are all carefully inspected by our qualified personnel and in some cases even may require radiographic inspection.

The parts in this sector are cast in all the ranges of steel available from BSL Casting, taking into account the mechanical properties sought by the customer.

We also produce components for boilers and biomass oven manufacturers. For this type of project, we use refractory steel alloys offering great resistance to high temperatures (according to ASTM A297). The experience of our customers is conclusive: these types of alloys allow the grates to last much longer than the more economical versions made of gray and ductile iron. This increased durability gives the user much better performance, which saves them money by being able to rely on components with a longer life.