For several years, BSL Casting has been manufacturing parts for the transport sector. We regularly manufacture cast steel subcomponents required for the assembly of commercial vehicles and rail cars.

In particular, we helped one of our clients convert machined and mechanically welded parts of their frame and drive systems into steel castings. This reverse-engineering work has enabled them to reduce production costs per unit, in addition to providing them with a design perfectly suited to their needs. The new design created no longer presents any areas of weakness linked to weld lines. Its mechanical properties are now standardized, which ensures that it obtains a constant level of high quality.

In another similar project, we digitized welded parts and performed finite element testing to create the final drawings for the customer. The parts created in this way fully meet the standards required to perform in the environment for which they were designed.

BSL Casting has already obtained a contract to produce 3 cast steel subcomponents installed in the lower part of the new AZUR metro cars from Bombardier-Alstom, as part of a project carried out with the Société de transport de Montréal.

Particularly, parts for the transport industry are cast using carbon steel alloys (mild steel), as they are more economical than alloys of low alloy steel. The heat treatment of carbon steel alloys provides the mechanical properties required to meet the needs of this industry. In some cases, standard or duplex stainless steel will be required for optimum corrosion resistance.