Parts for machine shops, the agricultural industry and many other industries

No matter what industry you are in, we have solutions tailored to your needs. Our company serves many industries in need of castings, either on an on-demand basis or to regularly produce required parts. Machine shops are a good example, since they have to supply machined parts that are often more advantageous to be rough cast before machining in order to:

  • Eliminate significant losses in raw material when the configuration of the part has several empty areas or holes of good size;
  • Reduce machining time by casting parts in their final shape, with a slight extra thickness for machining where required.

Castings are also advantageous for other types of manufacturers, such as :

  • manufacturers of farming equipment;
  • manufacturers of bearing and power transmission parts;
  • manufacturers of replacement components for the pulp and paper industries ;
  • Precision tool manufacturers.

Our foundry is particularly suitable for prototyping and research and development projects.

We also supply castings to customers who cannot get the special grade of alloy they need to fabricate their parts in steel distribution centres.

No matter what industry you are in, BSL Casting can help you determine if replacing certain parts of your equipment with steel castings can make a difference for you. Our qualified staff will analyze your needs and assess the best option(s) to meet them.