22 February 2020

One of our engineering partners had a pulp & paper customer who was forced by the compensation board inspector to change 2 units of 90 years-old big digester elbow due to cracks on the surface being a possible danger for their employees.

A few issues arose. First, components of that age were not made according to any ASME boiler & pressure vessels standard. So, the new parts needed to meet such standards.
Moreover, the part couldn’t be removed until a shutdown period was planned otherwise all the production would have stopped, resulting in a major loss in profit.

Our engineering partner had to scan the part on site and proceed to complete FIA analysis to make sure the calculations were done correctly to meet the pressure vessel standards.

Once the drawing was completed and approved by the appropriate provincial boiler & pressure vessels act regulation agency, BSL Casting could initiate the manufacturing process in 4 stages :

Pattern-making : we had to have our pattern-maker supply a scanned inspection prooving that the pattern was exactly to required dimensions as installation required tight tolerances.

Foundry process : after pattern was inspected we had to prepare the mould and the big core. Part was followed closely in the process to make sure every aspect was respecting the strict ASME boiler and pressure vessels standards.

Machining : our machine shop partner was aware of the strict dimensional requirements to enable our customer to properly fit the elbow where it shall be installed.

ASME standard pressure vessel inspection : Finally our certified inspection sub-contractor proceeded to meet the required hydro-static test certifying that the parts were withstood the required hydrostatic pressure in ASME code.

BSL Casting foundry is linked to highly competent technical partners enabling us to support your company in your in-house modernization projects.

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