Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

Spectrum of manufacturing

BSL Casting is a NO-BAKE niche sandcast foundry, specializing in low production steel cast parts in the small runs with complex part configurations as well as prototypes. We also produce prototype parts and orders required  urgent.


BSL cast parts in the following alloys :

  • All the carbon steels (mild steel) with the following standards :
  1. ASTM A27
  2. ASTM A352
  3. ASTM A356
  4. ASTM A389
  5. ASTM A216

 The above cast steels easily replace the A36 types of mild steels used from plates and bars by machine shops.


  • The low-alloy steels with the following standards :
  1. ASTM A148
  2. ASTM A217
  3. ASTM A389
  4. ASTM A487
  5. AISI 8620 / AISI 8630

The above low-alloy steels replace 44W / 50W types of steel used in plates and bars by machine shops. BSL Casting can achieve a broad selection of physical properties required by the various industries with the right heat treatment and quench operations of the casting parts. As an example, certain alloys of the ASTM A217 & A487 standards are a perfect fit for steel casting parts used in pressure vessels' high temperature environments.


  • All the stainless steel alloys with the following standards :
  1. AISI 300 & 400 (e.g. : AISI 316L / AISI 410, etc.);
  2. ASTM A217
  3. ASTM A351
  4. ASTM A487
  5. ASTM A743
  6. ASTM A995


We also cast all the duplex stainless steel alloys.

  • All the heat-resistant steel alloys with the ASTM A297 standard.
  • All the abrasion resistant high-nickel or high-chrome iron alloys (with hardness ranging from 450 to 730 BHN) with ASTM A532 standard.
  • The selection of the Chrome-Moly and martensitic steel alloys mainly used for their impact resistance in the mining sector as well as in various industries.


Standard manufacturing part dimensional capabilities:

  • Maximum dimension of a round part :  48’’ outside diameter by 12’’ high;
  • Maximum dimension of a rectangular or square part :  44’’ long by 24’’ wide by 12’’ high. 


NOTE : Upon certain factors we can cast certain parts larger than the above standard. Contact us in order to discuss your requirements.


Weight capabilities:

  • 1 lb to 1,500 – 2,000 lbs depending on dimensions stated above.


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