Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

Various industries


BSL CASTING service many companies which punctually require the production of steel casting parts. Machine shops are a good example as they often supply a finished machined part that it is, in many cases, worthwhile to cast them prior to machine them from a plate or a bar. Here are the reasons why :

-     To eliminate material waste when the shape of the part includes many empty areas or with high dimension drilled holes to be replaced by cored holes.

-     To reduce machining time by casting the part close to the final dimension on drawing, leaving only a small machining stock zone where the cast part tolerances can’t reach the drawing ones. That makes sense when the machining time from bars and plates is quite high. 


Steel casting parts are also required for manufacturers in the following sectors : Agriculture, bearing and power transmission, pulp and paper replacement parts as well as high-precision tooling.


Also, our foundry is definitely geared for prototyping and R&D projects at our customers.

Finally, we supply steel casting parts to some customers who can’t find the special grade of steel they need in steel plate warehouses.


Whatever the manufacturing sector you are in, BSL CASTING can support you to determine which parts it will pay off to replace by casting parts. Our qualified staff will analyse your requirements and will propose the best solution to suit your needs in order to make the difference for you and your customer.