Innovative solutions in steel casting parts for the industries

The components making process progresses the same way the technologies do. BSL CASTING offered us the optimal material for our applications while doing any critical adjustments in their process before...

-Energy fabrication




BSL CASTING produces steel casting parts for various companies  who generate, transmit and distribute electricity (and their suppliers). We make steel casting parts required in the assembly of hydro-electric gates and dam parts as well as power transmission lines.


It is important to notify that all parts must meet the rigourous hydropower company specifications qualitywise from the request for quoting stage up to the delivery of the finished machined parts. We feature the required resources to proceed to the required follow-up at every stage in production and supply quality parts to our customers. Each part is individually inspected by our qualified staff and some of them must even be individually x-rayed.


The casting parts in the energy sectors are made within the steel grades available at BSL CASTING. We make sure that the selected grade will meet the required physical properties by the customer.


Finally, we also cast heat-resistant ASTM A297 grate components for the bio-mass power plants and boiler manufacturers. This type of material features among the most high temperature resistant alloys on the market. Our customers’ experience is conclusive : This type of material enables the end-users to significantly increase the life-expectancy of their grates located in the combustion chamber in comparison with the most economical alloys such as grey and meehanite ductile irons. Resulting in major saving on cost-replacement parts over the years since they can achieve a longer period of time prior to replace the grates in their units.