Solutions for Manufacturers

Our achievements and solutions in the manufacturing industry

Since its foundation, BSL Casting has supported a large manufacturing clientele in various sectors of activity. We carry out projects for companies all over North America. Our foundry is able to fulfill all of your steel casting orders, offering quality standards that exceed industry standards.

Why you can trust our team

The impact of our team goes beyond that of a simple metal foundry. We wish to become the partner of your projects, by offering you high-level parts, but also solutions adapted to your needs and your objectives. Whatever the project, we can provide you with the castings you need, when you need it, while respecting your budgets.

Our tailor-made achievements

Our foundry carries out projects for manufacturing companies in all sectors of activity. Over the years, we have helped many of our customers convert their machined and welded parts into castings. By standardizing their design and the mechanical properties of their parts according to their specific function, our customers are able to reduce production costs, while benefiting from a constant level of quality.



Liners and wear parts for grinding mills.

Transportation equipment

Castings for wagons and subcomponents for off-road vehicles.


Castings offering mechanical properties and alloys with thermal resistance.

Pumps and valves

Castings for assembling pumps and valves.

Reverse engineering

Casting replacements by digitization and conversion of mechanically welded parts.

Hydraulics and manufacturing

Castings for hydraulic cylinders and components of forestry harvesting systems.


Custom castings for specific manufacturing industry needs.


Castings for dam gates, transmission lines and grates for biomass ovens.

Custom castings

We supply many kinds of alloys to mining, manufacturing, metallurgical companies, machine shops and other types of customers. We also manufacture custom casting parts for pumps and valves, hydraulic cylinders, dams, transmission lines, biomass furnaces and the railway industry.