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Metallurgy industry

The components making process progresses the same way the technologies do. BSL CASTING offered us the optimal material for our applications while doing any critical adjustments in their process before, while and after each production run. All this without compromising on the lead time. Enabling Transfab Energy to offer their customers a greater flexibility for each order as well as quality products.

- Frédéric Blanchet, General manager | Transfab Energy

Generals testimonials

BSL CASTING has supported us so we can meet our customers’ requirements, both by their great expertise as well as the close follow-up on orders. Congratulations to every member of the team.

― Guy Arcand, Vice-President | S.E. Techno-Plus

SIHI Pumps Ltd began working with BSL in 2012. Since that time they have used outstanding Customer Service and attention to quality product on time to grow into our largest Steel Sand Casting foundry. They have helped us to drastically reduce our quality failure rate from it's highest levels in 2011. While we still have a long road ahead, they have shown themselves to be a willing partner in this journey.

― Shawn Martens, Purchasing supervisor | Sihi pump, division of Flowserve

BSL CASTING has been a partner of Glencore Canada (Horne division) for a couple years. During that time, we have been satisfied about the quality of the chute liner parts they have supplied us with as well as with the respect of promised delivery dates. Moreover, we have appreciated their expertise in a very sensitive project to modify certain sections of our chute liners in order to increase life-expectancy of these ones. We confirm that BSL Casting has correctly modified the drawings and the patterns in order to supply new parts with required shape, thickness and rays we were looking for.

- Tony Zavodnik, Purchasing agent | Glencore Canada

BSL CASTING has been partnering with us for more than 3 years in casting components for our cylinder systems. These parts are used in sensitive environments which require tight physical properties as well as close inspections to assure product compliance. As Weber hydraulik metallurgist, I have followed-up the pre-production phase of the products made by BSL Casting and we validated all parameters through numerous communications. In the years following the product launching, the market evolution forced us to develop a new R&D program with BSL CASTING in order to improve the physical properties of the parts they supply us with. During all these years partnering together, BSL CASTING has been pro-active when facing problems in order to propose solutions that were adapted to our needs. It is also because they listen to our needs that we are now working on this new R&D project together in order to improve the performance of our parts.

- Estelle Chassery, Metallurgist | Weber Hydraulik

BSL CASTING offers good quality products and an excellent service.

- Stéphanie Leroux, Purchasing department | Montreal Bronze Ltée / MBF Valves Inoxydables Ltée

BSL CASTING has been collaborating with Mersen Canada for a couple years and this relationship has been beneficial to us. Because of BSL CASTING professionalism they have helped us to offer our customers some quality products meeting their expectations. BSL CASTING if focusing on quality and lead time that are contributing to the success of their business. Their staff is very professional and always geared up to help us whenever it is needed.

- Brenda Lockhart, Purchasing department | Mersen Canada

BSL CASTING has helped us to reduce our sourcing cost for our casting components. The good quality-price ratio of their products combined to on-time deliveries have convinced us to choose BSL Casting as our main stainless steel casting supplier.

- Victor J. Sanchez, Planification, production & sub-contracting | Proceco